Is the current state of Mobile tech stale?

A few days ago I read an article about the Essential Phone, which I did get on the waiting pre-order list, basically outlining what we are all thinking.  An Editorial from Alex Dobie of Android Central about Essential's potential release timing.  In it he goes on to explain that the product itself has some interesting hardware components and ideas, however the timing due to delays is putting it in a difficult place.  My take on it was similar but at the same time I felt that I was a little more hopeful.  With all the delays the Essential PH-1 is going to go up against the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Note 8, two phones that almost every other manufacture tries to not release phones against.  I'm still waiting to get my invite to pay but let's be honest here the Pixel XL 2 is right around the corner as well and my budget only allows for maybe a flagship and possibly another phone... if I'm lucky.

My job has me constantly looking at the Enterprise state of mobile, which I have to tell you only private corporate enterprises can afford the newest tech.  Not to mention all the other red tape surrounding legal matters and finance.  The consumer side of me, is constantly looking for ways to make that mobile device make sense in my life.  Which is why I dropped Samsung years ago.  Yes I do have a Samsung tablet but it fills a gap by being one of the last true phablets, yup it's the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 phone variant.  Yes I do talk on it occasionally but paired with a keyboard and mouse it's a quick, easy to carry, gap filling piece of tech for what I need it for.  Otherwise I think Samsung devices have too many "helpful" features of which I very seldomly used.  Then there is Apple...

At one time I loved Apple, so much so that everything tech  had was Apple... Newton's, G3/4's desktop and laptops, etc.  Then the love stopped because I felt like I was getting screwed.  The old saying you get what you pay for was true with Apple up to a point.  That "point" was not being able to afford them anymore.  As a self proclaimed tech geek I always want the latest and greatest but you practically have to be a bazillionaire to afford all of Apple's tech.  So I made the eventual change back to PC and then additionally Android.  I could write a whole other blog about the stigma of being an Apple user outside of the digital arts community in the early 2000's but let's just say all of the people who gave me shit for being an Apple user back then are now part of the conglomerated mass of "Sheepple".  I don't regret leaving Apple I just wish there had been a mid-tier/low-cost area that would have kept me buying Apple Products.

As I scan all the daily tech sites about the new and upcoming mobile technologies, I've come to the conclusion that innovation has long since left and now we are sitting here being spoon fed what the industry wants us to.  It's a little depressing, I used to be very excited about the Microsoft, Apple, and Google conferences and couldn't wait to hear about that next start up... that time is pretty much over.  I understand that this or that company has patents or there is the Apple v Google v Samsung v Microsoft debate.  Which BTW I have no idea why Samsung is even in this line, they are a manufacturer not like the other big 3... then again there is Tizen which isn't wholly Samsung but close enough.  I'm tired of stuff I should have had years ago coming to me now like this possible Bluetooth feature for Android.  Or the debate on who's camera is better for what, F**** You!  I've know photographers both professional and casual and everyone seems to have their brand or style.  I don't care if my camera is better than yours, I care that the pictures I take are to my liking and don't look like a pile of poop.

People often ask me why I have so many devices and my response is always cause I can.  Well that's the point of this article, as I'm tired of writing you're probably wondering what's the point of this rant.  Well in a nutshell, I used to be jaded and think the world was open to possibilities and that leaving Apple no longer meant I was stuck to "their world".  What I found was we are all stuck with whatever these corporations are willing to give us.  So getting back to why I was excited for Essential and Andy Rubin's vision.  He's offering the purple pill, not the blue pill that makes us forget and just be drones, not the red pill that makes you see the "truth" about mobile tech's state.  The purple pill is that idea that he's aware of the issues and see what he has helped to build but also is aware that the industry serves itself now so what can we do to bring it back to the consumer.

That is how the mobile tech industry is stale, the industry stopped listening when they realized "there is an app for that" and they could integrate that app eventually.  Some call it evolution, I just take issue with companies not getting the idea that we as consumers want what we want.  Granted if we got everything the device would probably be messed up but where is the balance?  Where is the innovation that used to come in huge monster tsunami's... now we get these little waves that someone else already did.  Apple is the King of doing this and even they are starting to get stale in that respect.