Ever wonder why things happen?

It seems to me that the last few years have been difficult but not without some happiness sprinkled in.

My mom passed, I got married, I have a little girl due in a week or two, etc.  I'm not sure if I should be depressed, happy, or I don't know.

With my mom passing the family dynamic is completely changed and not for the good.  I'm not going to get into it but let's just say I am not very happy with certain members in the family.

My wife has been the best... I knew what I was getting into and I got to say my wife is the greatest thing ever. :D  My wife being pregnant is kinda funny... well not really most of the time I'm just worried about all the things that come along with being an expectant father.  The down side, kids are expensive so I won't be able to buy new gadgets... but I think it's worth it. ;)

Among my new gadgets:

  1. Shanling M1 Digital Audio Player (DAP)
    1. Amazon link
  2. Trinity Audio Engineering - Phantom Masters and Phantom Master 4's
    1. TAE Masters
    2. Phantom Master 4's have been discontinues
  3. Kickstarted the GPD Pocket on Indigogo
    1. Indiegogo site for the GPD Pocket

I have an appointment to go see a doctor in a few minutes... another one of those things to be not so happy about. So I'll post some pictures soon of everything.

Until then be good!

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