It is what it is... I hate that saying...

There has been a lot going on in the tech world and in my life.

Some of the fun stuff in the tech world:

  • Apple released the iPhone 7 
  • Google is now making their own phones (through and Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) via HTC) and the Nexus line is dead 
  • Microsoft is still messing with Windows 10 albeit gets better then worse then better then worse then....you get the idea
  • BlackBerry officially announced the exit from hardware design/manufacturing to go to an ODM process and focus on software
  • Samsung is feeling the literal heat from their Note 7 debacle
  • BlizzCon is coming up
  • and so much more that I don't care to mention
Some fun stuff in my life:
  • Got married
  • moved, not too far from where I was
  • waiting for my Google Pixel XL phone... lol
  • Stopped smoking analog cigarettes in favor of the PAX Juul for about three going on four weeks now
  • finally got my hands on a phone variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • haven't drank any alcohol in weeks
  • and so much more that I would like to tell you but don't want to bore you with
In any case I'm writing this post because of the idea of balance.  When I was younger searching for myself.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was unbalanced.  Drank too much, smoked too much, gamed too much, drove to fast, drove to slow, got lost all the time, eat McDonald's as one meal everyday, etc.  It was a proverbial poo show.

Now that I'm getting older I look back and I think WTF was I thinking?  In the years up to now, I've met a wonderful woman I call my wife who balances me or matches me in so many ways.  I guess around the time I met her all the philosophical thoughts and reading I did started to make sense.  Almost everything that I thought I understood wasn't necessarily wrong but skewed.  I've come to realize that it's all about balance.

Religion and philosophy always speak of balances.  Good and evil, light and dark, left versus right.  In each instance there is never a point in which the balance corrects itself.  I'm not a Taoist by religion, in fact I'm agnostic, but I tend to believe in the philosophy behind Taoism.  The underlying philosophy is that you cannot have one without the other.  If you read the Tao Te Ching, you'll be confused but if you read into what it is saying you get that it really is saying what Western culture has turned into a symbol for the martial arts and Eastern hippies, I refer to the Yin Tang symbol.

I bet you're thinking WTF is this guy going on about?  Well think about this for a second, you're in the USA and the election for president is coming up... who are you going to vote for?  Or how about, it's time for your phone upgrade... iPhone 7 or Google Pixel or LG V20 or A Samsung device that is still on the market? Or as my coworker always asks "What's for lunch?"  
What do you do in these instances?  Personally my rant here about balance should at least help to explain some of my choices and no I'm telling you who I'm voting for because I've learned some important things recently.
  1. I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to politics
  2. The Election system is messed up in the US
  3. The person I usually vote for loses, always...
  4. I'm not in the business of pissing people off over politics, electronics maybe but not politics.
On to bigger brighter things, why'd I choose the Google Pixel over the Apple iPhone 7?  First you need to understand I've been using Google product since day one and I'm so 90% of my work flows are based on the understanding of the Google Cloud and all it means, good and bad.  Second, if and when I do go back to Apple it'll be a big jump.  By big jump I mean I'll be buying the phone, the computers, the iPad, the Apple TV.  For those who have an iPhone and say that it's usable you are correct but to really get the full experience you need all that Apple has to offer.  I was once there and honestly as I got older I couldn't justify what I was getting for the money.  Now who knows, it's been close to 9 years since my last Apple anything.  Third I've got multiple devices on me at any given time I need them all and I need to be able to switch on the fly as the situations demand.

So back to the original question why the Google Pixel.  I'm an idiot that loves tech.  I like the new and shiny and my $800+ BlackBerry Priv pissed me off so bad that after spending a little less than 3 months with it I went back to my standby $250 OnePlus X.  Why? User experience.  I have been using Android 7.0 for a while now on my Project Fi Nexus 6 (the Motorola one no the 6P by Huawei) and it's fantastic.  All the little irks I had with 6 magically went poof and I was happy again.  Aside from that the Nexus 6 is end of life this year so that when I upgrade to the shiniest and newest next year I'll have a decent phone for my Project Fi phone line.  Finally, I got to play with my coworkers brand spanking new iPhone 7 Plus and while it is a great piece of hardware, that taptic engine is sweet but no headphone jack is enough for me to say no.  

I worry that other manufacturers will follow suit.  What pisses me off is that the fanboys I deal with all the time say things like Apple invented this.  All I can say is that there were multiple phones before the iPhone 7 that had no headphone jack and used a similar lighting to 3.5mm adaptor.  Then on top of that now I have to carry an extra cable around?  People say things like well at least they put a set of headphones and adaptor in with the iPhone.  Well la dee da, why didn't Apple put in an adaptor that allows for you to charge your phone and use it as a headphone jack?  I get it the phone is waterproof, personally I've never had issue with it but having that extra bit of protection is great.  Also like I said before the Taptic engine is SWEET!  

On the Google side of the house, I'm so used to switching phones that honestly I'm just too lazy to have to go learn another OS.  After spending time with BBOS10.x+ and Windows 10 mobile I really don't feel like having to relearn iOS.  Yes it's been that long that I have no idea WTF is going on.  Will I stick with Google sure but that doesn't mean that I will always be on their hardware.  And this folks is where I explain something that everyone else seems to understand but never fully gets it.

You can use BBMessenger or Exchange/Outlook or GMail on any of the multitudes of devices but I can get Google apps/Services on any device.  this goes beyond the argument of "there's an app for that" or the fact that O365 has similar services.  Google just hands down works, yes it has it's problems but less so than any of the other major tech giants.  I use GApps on a daily basis for personal and work and use O365 for work related duties.  Between the two it's always GApps that I prefer.  O365 is a good product but it's like the Apple's iOS and Google's Android comparison.  There is quite a bit of polish that GApps has over O365, so much so that when collaborating I'm very frequently cussing out O365 because it's such a clunky hassle to use over the less clunky hassle that is GApps.  Why not use a different service you ask? Well let's be honest here, I spend the majority of my resources (see Time and Money) on tech and I don't have the time to figure things out like I did.  

Time - I'm not young or patient, I need instant gratification.  Don't make me read a bunch of crap just to figure out how to fix my issue.  Every used a Microsoft technet article?  I might be in IT but I'm of the generation that Googles everything and only looks for the answer.  And then when I Google O365 related information all I get is a ton of articles that are written by smart people for smart people.  I'm a dumbass, "speak to me like a four year old" is what I say to all my colleagues at work.  If I have to use Yahoo or some other search engine to get good results sorry, I just don't have the time for that.

Money - I'm not paying for a service for something that I can get for free.  Downside Google has my tech persona and my digital information.  Am I happy about it no but I've made my peace with that long ago.  Most paid services require other people I frequently collaborate with pay too.  Or they have some crazy ad scheme or some other insane way to get things done.  Who has the time for that?  I know this is the Money portion of this rant but TIME =MONEY

So here I am all fired up about my Google Pixel XL which is in Chicago.  I've got the weekend to burn and the phone is 3 days ahead of the proposed shipping timeframe. I'm excited and have my fingers crossed that I don't have the lemon issue I did with the BB Priv or knock the phone off my dresser and break it a week after I get it (RIP NEXUS 1).  I'm off to go back to staring at spreadsheets for work all day now.  

Have a nice day.