Holy crap it's been like 2 years...

No one follows me so who the hell cares?  I do... I had high hopes of me just typing away about everything and nothing really to say.  YouTube, Instagram, Periscope, Twitter, etc. seems to be where it's at.  Call me old fashion but there is just something about typing on a keyboard and spilling the diarrhea of my brain.
My high school English teacher used to say, "You've got constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the mouth."  that just came to mind from the last line typed.

It's been a while, lots has changed.  Maybe I could even say evolved.  I now have three mobile phone lines.  My main personal do everything line, my secondary whatever I feel like popping the SIM into line, and my Google Project Fi line.  Hopefully soon I'll have some choice words to spout.  For now I'm just going to leave off with I won't and can't let another two years go by without typing in here.

Geez, so many random things and nothing really to say. :D

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