Bunch of new hardware...

I recently realized that I buy hardware that I need then I gripe about it... So what I say?  No one visits this site anyway so I throw it al out to the ether and maybe I help someone or not.

So over the last year I've amassed two smart watches, a Galaxy note 2, and my most recent purchase a Surface Pro 2.  If you didn't know I went to art school and now work in the IT industry.  I've been moving my way up the ranks.  So now I need a machine that was a tablet and a Windows PC... enter the Surface.

I'll have a review later but let's just say that the 1.5 days I've had the thing I'm pretty stoked.  Like my old Mac's I expect to get a few years out of this piece and maybe pull out a few pieces of artwork too.

The sad thing about this is that I wish someone would just give me this stuff so I can spend my money on other things like... Bulleit Whiskey, Girls, and more car parts.  The nice thing about this all is that once I get past this little hump of mine I'm in a good position.  I wished I was here four years ago but hey at least I'm making progress.

BTW,  if you're interested in a Surface see if you can pick up the 1st gen and save some money.  Unless you got money to burn. 

This thing puts all my Android tablets to shame.  It's a little bigger and heavier but it also does a whole lot more.  Think of it as a well priced laptop without the frills.

Review coming soon,  I promise it'll be from a angry Asian that doesn't give a crap about half the stuff the normal consumer doesn't. :D  Till then!

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  1. ahh ya back! lol! (its guy btw)I'm one to talk haven't done a post on my blog in months.I like the what windows is do with the Surface.I consider it more a laptop than a tablet.You can't do "real work" on a tablet but with the surface you can.On the Smartphone end of things.Im looking at 3:the note 3, the S4 and the Nexus 5. like the 5 for the android updates and price. will see!


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