Smartwatches and what it really means to the average person... or at least what I think.

In the past few months I have completely forgotten what it means to be the average smartphone user.  It means nothing... Most people don't give a rat's ass about being able to write a design document or finish out that excel sheet on their phone.  What they really want to do is play games and stay up on the social media.  They don't care that they can really ditch their computers if they are willing to put up with the small screen and strange looks.

People just want something convenient.  I always wondered why something so lack luster as the newer iPhones still sell so well.  Then it dawned on me that people want ease of use.  As phones become smarter the users  stay the same.  I bust my ass day in day out at a IT job that makes around me miserable.  All I want my phone to do is work.  But I carry a Samsung Galaxy Note II with a ZeroLemon battery, which BTW is fantastic, but it's like carrying around a brick in my pocket. Being Asian I always get, "Wonder why your phone is so big..."  My reply is that I have to make up for my small eyes.  It gets laughs and diffuses any potential anger issues that I have seething inside of me.

That's where the two preceding paragraphs come in... enter the smartwatch.  I've been lucky enough to be able to afford gadgets and the smartwatch is currently far from being able to really affordable.

I currently own a:
and a
MetaWatch  (Hardware REV F)
This is on the way around NOVEMBER:

The fun thing is that I no longer have to pull out my phone for any calls or texts.  Using applications like Augmented Smartwatch Pro:
I get the most out of the limited hardware.

Functionally all the watches work the same I can get my notifications on my wrist. I never have to pull my phone out on that date or annoy my best friends by being on the phone all the time.  Some watches even offer sensors and monitors to help with staying fit.  Not that I use those features but it's nice.

Most people will see the novelty in the smartwatch, some might find benefit, some will hate it.  However it is another option that most people don't even think about.  Make you're own decisions but don't knock it until you try it and don't scoff at people when they do have one.