Further with the G2x and Logitech Revue with Google TV

:Further with the G2x:
I'm in a state of denial right now with my G2x. The last three phones have been disappointing all in their own ways. Either I'm too pick or something is up. The G2x started rebooting and freezing all the time. So when the Gingerbread update came out I decided to give it a try. I still get the freezing and a new lag issue appeared. My guess since technology moves so fast LG and Tmobile just don't care about the G2x anymore. 

I really don't need to get into the Gingerbread update cause there about 4 billion reviews all over the web. Instead let me be a little more brutal and focus on the annoyances.//

You shouldn't have to root/jailbreak a phone to 'fix' it. I've traded an awesome camera app designed by LG for an updae to the OS and to try and stop the reboot issue. There is nothing more annoying then being in the middle of a text or phone call and having your phone reboot. Or how abut having to reboot your phone everyday like I am right now to make sure the phone doesn't to lag out.

I'm at the point of rooting my phone to run a more stable ROM with a Kernal that actually works on the hardware. All the forums that I read, most people are doing the same things just to get the phone to function. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there with no problems at all. However I'm not one of those people. If you get lucky and your phone is great awesome. You're not writing this.

I'm in the market for a new phone but the summer is over and it'll be a little while before the net round of phones come out. The AT&T and TMobile merger is another thing I've been thinking about. Once I gather my thoughts I'll have to post up on it.

:Logitech Revue with GoogleTV:
Ok, I'm cheap. Not really considering I spend a small fortune on mobile electronics and phones. Well I really didn't think the SONY or LOGITECH stuff with GoogleTV was really worth the money when they came out. With the price drop on the Logitech Revue I decided to go pick one up. Had to wait a week cause apparently a crapton of people feel the same way.

I walked into Best Buy then walked out with the Revue. I think the first mistake is only allowing Best Buy and internet dealers sell the Revue. The local Micro Center doesn't sell them and I didn't see them at Radio Shack. For a hundred bucks most people would snap this thing up in a second.

It's an interesting piece of hardware. Underpowered in every aspect. I think the G2x I have is more powerful and has more storage space. No upgradable/expandable storage that I can see. just useless accessories for the mass public. You get a keyboard with the thing and if you need a mini keyboard and don't live in your car or in a small box of a room it's a moot point. The Camera is still more expensive then the whole unit. You'd figure the company would be smart enough to drop the prices on all accessories. They wouldn't need to be as drastic as the actual unit but I'm not paying more for an accessory then the thing it goes with.

The keyboard that comes with the box feels cheap but isn't that bad to use. For the price I don't fault Logitech. Functionally it's got a mouse pad and a d-pad. For the last two days I've been okay with it. Since i'm not on it all the time I don't have much to say about it.

The GOOGLE TV Remote app works really well. You basically D/L  the app and connect it to the same network the Revue is on you get a pair code and off you are running. 

Setup was fairly easy after I realized the HDMI cable supplied while nice is still cheap. I had to fiddle with the actual positioning to get it to connect to my TV. The portion I was fiddling with was on the back of the unit.

After using GOOGLE TV for a day I realize that my G2x plugged into the HDMI actually gives me more options then GOOGLE TV. However GTV gives a more authentic desktop feel. Both in UI and usability.

If you have a slower DSL connection as I do beware. Streaming stutters all the time. I figured someone would have looked at what netflix does and introduced it to their streaming. YouTube include. Netflix streams in decent quality and never stutters unless the connection changes or gets interrupted. 

I do not have a AV receiver or tv connection or cable/satelite. I had expected a more net rich experience but I feel like i just bought a low end net top, which I'm actually kind of happy about. 

I'm still happy with it because like my phone it's always on. It's quick and responsive like my phone but on a huge screen. The web browser is comparable to the original Chrome. Lackluster but fast and simple.

Finally, WTF Google? Where are the apps? 

There is more I could write but I'm on call and I'm afraid I will just ignore the phone to write. So I'm off for now. Maybe I'll find something good to say/write about one day. For now I'm just going to be angry and complain to the internet ether.