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I've completely had it with the Nexus S. I was on the can listening to some music while browsing the web on my phone when the speaker went out. I'll admit I was running an EQ and the voodoo hack. So somewhere I am partly to blame. I have in the past run many application like the such and have yet to blow out the speaker on a phone.

It was more or less a sign to go look at the LG Optimus G2X or the HTC Sensation 4G... but I'd have to wait another week or two. I could just switch back to one of my other Android phones but I lent my Nexus One to a dev buddy of mine. So now I'm thinking that I might jump ship back to the black flag of Windows Mobile.

I've messed with the phones and I'm impressed with the departure from the miniturization and general craptacularness of the good old WM2003-WM5/6 phones. Honestly if I wanted to use a Windows OS that was so watered down I would just turn my netbook into a phone. At least that way I could actually do some work on my 'phone'.

The only problem is how locked down the phones are. I don't know if I also want to deal with migrating a ton of data again to a new phone window or not. As easy as Google as made it, it's still a pain in the ass. Especially since the Nexus S forwent the memory card slot....

So here I am  transferring all the 'SD card' data to my computer which will then be moved back to a real SD card which will then be put in whatever phone I decide to go with. If I end up with a WM phone I'll be once again buying a new memory card shifting data and wanting to hang myself by a noose in protest of the choices that some companies make.

Either way the Nexus S was given the benefit of the doubt since the initial Best Buy payment. What did I expect? Probably another piece of shining hardware like the Nexus One. Instead I got a fast looking crap car that really has failed to impress and has yet to make me glad I bought the thing.

Things have been pretty bad with this phone and the speaker going out was the last thing I needed to decide that I hate this thing and need a new phone. Unfortunately it's only bee 5 months since I bought it and I'd like to understand why Google would let a piece of crap like this represent Google. Did Samsung honestly think that people wouldn't notice that the Nexus S was a NFC using piece of garbage next to the Galaxy line?

I really do hope Motorola gets the next Nexus phone. They seem to be the only company trying to do new things. In my eyes Android saved Moto, and Moto is doing it damnedest to make the most out of it. My brother has a Droid X my sister in law has a Droid 1 and I have a Cliq. The Cliq wasn't anything special but it worked better than the Nexus S minus the speed. Moto brought out the Atrix, best idea yet. Now I wonder if someone at google has had the bright idea of taking the chrome netbook and making it do the same thing the atrix does when someone hooks up an android phone.

If my thoughts seem a little jitter let me point out to you that a 5 month old phone had a speaker malfunction and is the first phone I've had to hack since my Windows phones. Please don't tell me about warranties and such. the instant I rooted the phone and started messing with it my warranty went void. On top of that I really don't feel like dealing with Samsung or Best Buy.

Well the transfer from phone to computer is done. I'm going to start the transfer from computer to SD card. If you wondering why I'm going to do this, here's why. I've decided to back up the data so I can wipe the Nexus S and sell it or hand it off to one of the nice DEV guys on the XDA forums. I'd like to either recover some of the money I've lost on this horrible purchase and help out the community that has been more that a huge help over the years.

Either way I stink and need a shower. After that I'm off to find a phone. If all works out the way I think it will I might be hopping to WM or a new carrier since AT&T/Tmobile merger is something that will make me go to Verizon most definitely. Another blog for another day.

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