A few days later with the new phone

So far I'm very happy with the G2x minus all the features I got used to using the Nexus S and gingerbread.

Just like the G2 its almost a stock experience. I will have to say there have been a few improvements like the camera having a ton more options, which is a great thing. Timers, panorama, and multi action photography are just to name a few. Honestly Google should take a queue from LG and use the camera setup. Even the video player is better even if LG only added a screen resizing and DTS option. Either way great improvements over the stock items.

I've been lucky to only have one known reboot as well. I haven't checked the screen bleed issue every one is having but I'm not to worried about it.

Size wise I'm still getting used to it. Even though the G2x is less than 1/2 an inch bigger than the N1, NS, and G2 its still enough that I notice. Not a horrible down fall just something I have to get used to.

So far so good. I'm definitely happy with the performance. Let's see what the HTC Sensation 4G brings to the table when it comes out.

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