Further nexus s reviews and pain from a bad tooth.

The nexus s is the first phone I've had to 'root'. I've owned about 6 android phones since the G1 came out. It is sadly the biggest disappointment since my HTC Kaiser/TYTN2. The OS is plagued with issues and the hardware is about as nice as the TYTN2. With the nexus 1 I never had to root and is still the best piece of hardware and software for its time. I lent to someone to develop android apps and even thought I barely use it anymore I still miss it. My guess is Motorola will get the next nexus and it'll be interesting to see what they do.

With the pending AT&T T-Mobile buyout I'm afraid I might have to switch to Verizon. Yes I hat AT&T that much. Long story for another blog post. However if you haven't noticed AT&T have a huge knack for effing up android phones.

Anyway the nexus s has been the biggest PITA. Usability is sub par and the craptacular setup has got me already searching for my next Android phone. I'm waiting for the next nexus phone. If it weren't for the small memory on the nexus 1 I would never even considered this piece of crap.

I'm a little PO'd at the moment cause I had a root canal last week and the pain has come back. With what I'm being charged for the service I don't want to go back until my next appointment this Friday.  Nuff said.

Samsung has got to step up its game to keep up. The nexus

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