Nexus S v. Nexus 1

I've owned about 5 phones running android and I have been growing more cynical about the hardware. The OS is doing fine. I expected the OS to become more or less like windows with its updates breaking things and causing issues as well as improving some other experiences.

Hardware wise I'm fairly disappointed in the Nexus S. What I got was hardware that is not even close to what I got with the Nexus 1.

The Nexus 1 was, for its time, a sleek piece of hardware that was "top of the line." Solid, well crafted, and thought through. The Nexus S feels like a rebranded Galaxy S minus a SD card slot and useless NFC hardware.

I still use my Nexus S over the Nexus 1 but I'm eagerly awaiting the next Nexus branded phone.

The Nexus S does have some pluses over the Nexus 1.
1. Screen is better. Not by much if you were lucky enough to get a N1 with a amoled screen.
2. Internal memory is something I've been waiting for.
3. Speakers. Sammy has always had decent loud speakers vs. HTCs hardware. Although the NS is still quieter than most Sammy phones.

Android 2.3 bring many fixes and many headaches. All for another blog on another day. I'd still take 2.3 over 2.2 for the keyboard enhancements and some other little things.

For all intents and purposes I believe that android should be offered in both carrier and vanilla flavors. Give me the choice of what I want and let me choose what bloatware I want.

Since I'm typing this on my phone I'm going to keep this short. If anyone knows how to increase the memory, add internal storage space of a minimum of 4gbs, and 2.3 gets released for the Nexus 1 let me know. I'd go back in a second. And no idle don't want to waste my already short time to root my phone and put a different rom on it.

Thanks for listening.

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