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So here we go, post number one. I've had other blogs before but nothing so 'already done for me' setup wise. This blog is the onnly one I have going at the moment. To be honest it's been a minute since I've posted anywhere but a forum or even on a blog. I got bored with how things have been and decided it's about time to start writing nonsense again.

Well not total nonsense. In my spare time I have a tendency to read a lot of websites with information pulled from other sites. I'd like to call them news sites but they aren't. Engadget, Slashgear, mobileburn, etc are more of a hobby then anything else. I do however remember when they were more or less a blog. So I figured what better way for me to waste my time and have fun writing about stuff no one cares about.

A little about how I am, so that you don't go crazy about my opinions on things. I dislike Apple very much. I think they make great hardware and are more or less a great design company. I do not like how they control almost every aspect of their market/business. I will rant about this much later. I am a jackass plain and simple. I don't necessarily call it as I see it but I do have a way of getting under peoples' skin. I like electronics, especially the mobile phone kind. I've used everything from Windows CE, Symbian 40/60/UIQ, Linux phone OS, iOS, and my new favorite Android. I am a huge Android fan, I'm one of the few people who actually bought a Nexus One and it's the best phone I've ever owned. I'm up to date on mobile technologies when it comes to GSM networks. I could give a rats ass about CDM/PCS/TDMA networks unless like Verizon they get smart and go GSM. I hate AT&T with a passion, another blog for another day. I'm not a huge import tuner. I like the cars but I did most of the things to my car because I have a love of modding things. I play airsoft in a CQB facility when I can. Like cars I like Airsoft but I'm definitely not as serious as most. I like to collect watches which I will be showing off in some random blogs later.

There is more but I figure if you've read this much you want me to back my information up. In the upcoming days, weeks, and hopefully years (if I can keep interest) you'll come to understand why I have no idea why I do these things. Thank you and good night.

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