The problem with wanting new tech.

I bought the new TMobile G2 and its great but it doesnt exactly beat out my Nexus One by much. I've always considered myself pretty harsh about my reviews on phones. Like the failure known as the TYTN II from HTC aka the tilt from AT&T. That phone failed every way possible and i paid close to a grand for it. I had it months before it came out stateside. To this day i still badmouth that piece of junk. Anyway, I got my new phone as a preorder a week early. It made me extremely happy as my N1 felt like it was getting long in the tooth.

Just so you know, if i have a phone longer than 6 months its a phone I approve of i.e. G1, nexus one, imate jam, etc.

I was happy with the G2 as a successor to my N1, but then i started to use it normally. Today is the second day of use and I'm already thinking this phone is going to last a max of 3 months until I buy my next. Why?

1. Advertised to have 4gbs of internal memory.
Using Android System Info, I've found it is more around 1.5gbs. Not cool. I'd understand 2-3gbs but 1.5gbs? WTF?

2. The hinge is effin awesome until you turn the phone upside down. Then the thing opens and turns on. I can see how QA could have missed this, but I'm still not happy with it.

3. The hardware camera button sucks just like all the other phones I've used. The software button doesnt lag and it works better than the hardware button. I'm used to it so I got over that pretty quick. Not really.

4. The "vanilla" os is not so vanilla. I have a feeling it will be the closest anyone will get. Little things like the Market and settings have been modified. I can say this because the only phone to have a vanilla android os has been the Nexus One.

These gripes all within the first real day of usage? Eh, whatever. What can you do when you don't have much choice. Thanks to all the free phone lovers we are stuck with carriers PWNing customers. The iPhone was innovative hardware too bad it got stuck on AT&T... my hate for AT&T will be a blog for another day.

My overall rating of the phone is 7/10
Why? Look above. I'd still buy it but under a contract. $500 is too much for a phone that does't deliver on what it was advertised... 1.5gbs? Yeah I'm bitter. And no I don't feel like dealing with returning stuff when I can complain.

Maybe a more indepth review when I'm not sitting on the can typing away on a decent phone keyboard.
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Waiting on Technology

As I sit here pondering what phone to buy next and if it will best my current Nexus One, I think is it really worth upgrading. I have this conversation with people all the time and now most people know me as the Cellphone Guy. The first thing I'm always asked is what is the best phone? My simple answer is whatever works best for you. Granted not everyone needs an iPhone but they would like to have all the goodies. I've been scorned by Apple too many times to like them at the moment. Once upon a time I was Mactarded to all my PC loving friends and now it's all flipped. I think it's pretty funny.

Getting back to phones I usually have to point out to people the advantages to specific carriers and disadvantages. I explain that while it's nice to have a phone that does everything, if it can't make call what good is it really? Don't forget that while the iPhone is nice piece of hardware I very rarely meet anyone who like AT&T's service.

Personally I'd rather have the choice of when I can switch phones and not be limited by a contract. Which is the next part of the conversation. In the US we basically end up paying more than any other country. Why? Simply put while other countries have buyers shell out several bills to get a new phone the US carriers lock you into a contract by giving out 'free' phones. I say 'free' because buy doing the two year agreement we all do you end up paying more in the long run. For instance I pay about $100 for unlimited everything (voice, data, text, etc.) I've seen plans offered in Europe that are about $20 bucks less and no contract. However you end up paying the full $300+ for the phone. Right now I'm month to month on my carrier and I own a Nexus One purchased from Google. This phone kicks the crap out of all of my other 'smartphones' that I have bought over the last few years. With the G2 looming around the corner I'm seriously debating it over the MyTouchHD or...

I might head over to big read when they go LTE. GSM is the best thing for me cause I just pop the sim out and grab a different phone. But Technology keeps getting better and better. In a year or so all the ARM chips will be dual and quad cores. Effictivley doubling the power under the hood of these phones. I'm also looking into a tablet with a SIM card slot. I barely use my phone like a phone but having an all in one device fits my life style.

In the end all I can really say is that it's all a waste of money and it's truly about whether you want to be a consumer or not. I've been screwed many times and money is tight because of the economy but my love of the tech keeps me saving for that next phone.

I still help people with there phones but to be honest everyone has made up their mind I just help them figure that out.


You just won't get it

So here we go, post number one. I've had other blogs before but nothing so 'already done for me' setup wise. This blog is the onnly one I have going at the moment. To be honest it's been a minute since I've posted anywhere but a forum or even on a blog. I got bored with how things have been and decided it's about time to start writing nonsense again.

Well not total nonsense. In my spare time I have a tendency to read a lot of websites with information pulled from other sites. I'd like to call them news sites but they aren't. Engadget, Slashgear, mobileburn, etc are more of a hobby then anything else. I do however remember when they were more or less a blog. So I figured what better way for me to waste my time and have fun writing about stuff no one cares about.

A little about how I am, so that you don't go crazy about my opinions on things. I dislike Apple very much. I think they make great hardware and are more or less a great design company. I do not like how they control almost every aspect of their market/business. I will rant about this much later. I am a jackass plain and simple. I don't necessarily call it as I see it but I do have a way of getting under peoples' skin. I like electronics, especially the mobile phone kind. I've used everything from Windows CE, Symbian 40/60/UIQ, Linux phone OS, iOS, and my new favorite Android. I am a huge Android fan, I'm one of the few people who actually bought a Nexus One and it's the best phone I've ever owned. I'm up to date on mobile technologies when it comes to GSM networks. I could give a rats ass about CDM/PCS/TDMA networks unless like Verizon they get smart and go GSM. I hate AT&T with a passion, another blog for another day. I'm not a huge import tuner. I like the cars but I did most of the things to my car because I have a love of modding things. I play airsoft in a CQB facility when I can. Like cars I like Airsoft but I'm definitely not as serious as most. I like to collect watches which I will be showing off in some random blogs later.

There is more but I figure if you've read this much you want me to back my information up. In the upcoming days, weeks, and hopefully years (if I can keep interest) you'll come to understand why I have no idea why I do these things. Thank you and good night.